Saturday, January 15, 2011

Summer Fun Under the Sun!!!

An awesome way to get chillax and bond with friends is to hop off to the spectacular Samal Island located in Davao. There, one can do fun beach activities like snorkeling, riding the big slides, swimming and discovering the beautiful sea creatures under the sea. There are many main attractions in the Garden Island of Samal and one of these is Maxima Aquafun. It has several water-fun features like the 40-meter drop Giant Slide, a diving board, canopy walks and has a floating trampoline. The photos above were taken last 28th of May 2009. It was our dayoff when my  teammates/bestfriends in the  call floor decided to hop off in the island. We tried the 40-meter drop giant slide. Though scary at first and made us screamed so loud however it was beyond doubt enjoying. We also swam and floated in its crystal clear water where underneath it was wonderful corals and colorful fishes which simply made our stresses go away. It was a truly an unforgettable one-day trip  that gave us the sense of adventure as well as experience the scenic beauty and natural attractions you as well will definitely love.

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